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Yes, we accept PayPal - it's fast,
free and secure!
Yes, we accept PayPal - it's fast,
free and secure!

Want to List Your Items for Sale?
Are you interested in selling your Mego-related items on the Mego Store? Great! The Mego Store is designed as an alternative to online auctions. There are no "insertion fees" at the Mego Store; in fact, all we ask is a flat 5% of the sale price of your item, up to $5.00. That means that if your item sells for $20.00, we get $1.00, and if your item sells for $100.00, we get $5.00. However, because of the $5.00 cap, if your item sells for, say, $150, you still only pay us the $5.00 maximum. Ready to sell on The Mego Store? E-mail to get started!

How are payments handled?
After someone buys your item, we'll e-mail you the invoice and you'll contact the buyer with payment instructions, including shipping. The buyer will pay you directly and, after you receive the money, you'll pay The Mego Store 5%. Payment options for the store include checks, money orders, and Paypal. You must be able to accept those three forms of payment, and may optionally accept other forms of payment.
If you can't accept Paypal we will accept Paypal payments on your behalf and send you a check (minus Paypal fees and the 5% Mego Store fee) just as soon as the item is mailed off.

What kind of items can I sell?
You can sell anything related to the Mego-era, including Mego customs, knockoffs, other vintage toys, videos, clothing, etc. If it's related to Mego action figures of vintage toys in general, you can sell it here!

I want my own website!
If you want your own website (or a fast server to host your existing website) be sure to visit, the server that designed and hosts The Mego Store. (, like The Mego Store, is owned by Joe DeRouen) Mention the word "Mego" and we'll waive the setup fees for hosting your site!

I'm ready to sell!
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